June 27, 2011
Parks and Summer Heat and IRC

When scanning IRC channels, you meet interesting people. And then you get frustrated, leave, and write an article that you’re not sure is going to cut it, but you’re so tired you don’t give a damn, honestly. Then, because you cannot sleep because it’s only 11:30 PM, you go back to IRC and find an odd person willing to argue with you about fanfiction.

Another letter arrived earlier today, informing me that I needed to be in a park at midday wearing a red shirt and carrying a coffee. These, quite honestly, are putting me off. I’m tired of this game, whoever you are. I sat there for about an hour, writing in a notebook, trying to be observant. Whoever was supposed to be there was either not there, or too good at blending in and looking like the sunbathing masses for me to notice. Speaking of the sunbathing masses, I have not felt heat like this since I left Texas. It might have gotten this hot, but I probably wasn’t outside.

It’s now approaching midnight and the karaoke neighbour can be heard stumbling her way up the steps, probably ready to “serenade” me again. I keep hoping that one of these days the fact that right after she starts singing books start landing against her wall will cause her to wonder if singing at midnight at the top of her lungs is, perhaps, a bad idea.

I haven’t heard from my brother yet, and I’m beginning to get a bit worried. He, for someone who is supposedly an adult, is a bit more than irresponsible. I just hope that whatever he’s gotten us into, he can get himself out of.

I was going to write more, but my email just pinged. Andrew is apparently awake and in an editing mood. Work calls.

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