June 1, 2011
We have normality.

Well, at least as much normality as I can expect to have, apparently. All this normality is making me on edge. 

I actually finished. Me, finished. I celebrated by compulsively reading over it, saving it, saving it online, then sending it in. And then I ordered the expensive takeaway. And this is after my brother woke me up at 6 AM, when I’d only fallen asleep around 3. I wanted to kill him. 

At least I know he’s alive, now. He came in, banged the door, slammed some food around in the kitchen, tripped over a table, and then landed on the couch. He’s lucky I had actually made it to my bed to sleep, because if I’d been where he landed he might have found himself sleeping in his car. 

I’m now writing this over some delicious Indian food that got here about 5 minutes ago. I shouldn’t have to start working again for a few weeks, hopefully. Maybe I can actually pull my camera back out and start taking pictures again. That is, if I can find it, and if I didn’t leave it in the States last time I visited. 

Nothing new has come of the note or the lockbox. There have been no further notes on the subject. 

I may be back later. I’m going to concentrate on delicious food and last week’s Doctor Who.