June 1, 2011
Of migraines and lock-boxes.

I’m actually starting this entry before midnight, which in itself is an acheivement. Something today set off one of my nasty migraines and I spent most of the afternoon on the couch with a sleep mask over my eyes. I did get a little done on my actual work, but it’ll require a lot of editing. I’m decent at touch-typing, but sometimes my fingers get mixed up and I start typing in nonsense that looks like Welsh. While that would be interesting if it was actual Welsh, it isn’t, and is therefore annoying. 

I did end up with a lockbox though, at the end of the 32 hours specified by the note. Nothing has happened, so I’m honestly hoping that this is someone with stock in a lock-box company and a weird sense of humour. Speaking of the note, it had disappeared when I went to make tea this early evening. I’m just hoping that my absent brother made himself un-absent and took it. If not, then I’m going to have to invest in better locks. 

It is now officially midnight, and I am still as awake as ever, if headache-y and a bit cross. I have no idea why I wasted £29 on a box with a lock for me to store nothing in, Andrew will not stop emailing with his ridiculous suggestions, my brother has not been back, that I’ve noticed, since yesterday and I’m running out of both my tea and the Texan chocolate my mother ships me from the States. It’s not entirely fair. 

I need to go throw something at my wall. My neighbour is singing again.

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