May 28, 2011
My brother and the damn car.

Interesting things never happen to me. Well, that’s not true. They didn’t happen to me until yesterday. 

I had just acquired a new car-when I say new, I mean, new to me- and was sitting in my study when my brother (a man of little sense, sometimes) ran out the door. I didn’t pay much attention to that until I realized that the car noise leaving the kerb was not his normal car. In fact, it sounded distinctly like mine. I shrugged it off as his mistake and continued to throw things at the wall under the guise of writing something to show Andrew. 

My brother is staying with me until he “gets his feet back under him.” I do not understand why it has taken him almost a year and a half to get the feet that are on the ends of his legs back underneath him, but then again, that’s just him. Unlike him, I invested the inheritance, and therefore can afford the flat I’m renting. He’s sleeping on the couch, and I’m about to kick him off it. I need my couch. I can throw things at a different wall, there. 

Back to the car. I had given up and gone to bed when he returned. I got the distinct impression that he was trying to sneak in, despite the fact that I have never fixed the door hinge and it makes quite a ridiculous noise. He’d gone somewhere for 5 hours in my new car and was attempting to hide his return time from me. Sometimes I worry about him.  

The biggest deal that came out of this was the fact that there were no obvious reasons for it not to run this morning. I mean, normally I would just shake my head over the rubbishness of buying a used vehicle. This time, something just feels…off. I intend to figure it out. I need something to do. The landlady is threatening a rent increase if I keep denting the wall with pens and such. 

It’s too early in the morning. 

I might as well attempt to sleep.

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